The Spanish Sound

The Spanish sound

The "spanish" sound is well known for its quality and tonal range amplitude. It has a deep and full-bodied low register with a dark color, as well as a transparent and brilliant high register with light colors. Guitar Studio Mauro Giuliani fully resumes these features, it is entirely built according to the Spanish tradition and in particular according to the school of Granada. In fact, it comes with five-fun bracing and a harmonic bar underneath the bridge, a typical feature of the Granada-style.

A balanced sound

The sound is perfectly balanced, open and homogenous. Each log produces clean and never confused sounds. Each single note is well defined and there are no frequencies that stand out more than others. Clearly, this is the result of the overall excellent quality of construction and of the materials that are carefully chosen and used.


The components are completely made of high-quality solid wood and are expertly produced according to the traditional Spanish-style: soundboard is made of spruce or cedar, the back and sides are made of Indian rosewood, the neck is made of cedrella,the fingerboard is made of ebony and the bridge is made of Indian rosewood.

Why a "Studio Guitar"

The key features of a professional studio guitar are:
-the ease of execution, which is guaranteed by an optimal height of the strings with respect to the fingerboard, and by a "malleable voltage" such that the strings do not oppose too much resistance to the player's touch,and can be modulated in a natural way;
-the responsiveness and excellent volume, which are necessary to produce a good sound without too much effort;
-equilibrium between various registers that is necessary to perceive clearly and separately all the various components of the polyphony;
-the smaller burden and reduced dimensions.
All these features don’t tire the student and allow for a prolonged study in optimal conditions.


Technical Data Sheet

• Soundboard: spruce or cedar
• Back and sides: indian rosewood
• Neck: cedrella
• Fingerboard: ebony19 fret
• Bridge: indian rosewood
• Purfiling: indian rosewood/maple
• Nut: graph tec
• Saddle: graph tec
• Scale lenght: 650 mm
• Neck at nut : 52 mm, at 12° fret 63 mm
• Distance between 1° and 6° string at nut 43,5 at bridge 58 mm
• Thicknes neck at nut 21 mm, at 9° fret 23 mm
• Upper lobe: 274 mm
• Hips: 236 mm
• Lower lobe: 365 mm
• Lenght soundboard: 494 mm
• Height sides: 98 mm / 92 mm
• Weight 1500 g
• Left-handed custom guitar