How to buy

Prices and ways to buy

The Mauro Giuliani guitar is priced at € 1250,00

There are included in the price:

• a hard case for the guitar;
• a complete set up: within one year from the purchase the adjustment of the neck, the correction of the fingerboard, the refretting and the development of bone nut and bridge, the tightening of all the screws will be made in Mirko Migliorini’s laboratory in Airuno.  

The guitar Mauro Giuliani is 100% guaranteed: if the instrument doesn’t meet the expectations, it will be replaced or the full costs will be be refunded.

Delivery time: up to three weeks from the time of order.

Payment can be made via bank transfer just before shipping of the guitar, after which the delivery time usually consists of three working days.

It is recommended to keep the packaging, which can be reused at the time of shipment for the set up.