Guitar Studio Mauro Giuliani

“Guitar Studio Mauro Giuliani" is born from the synergy between the "Guitarreria Camps" of Girona, in Spain, and "Mirko Migliorini luthier", sponsored by the "Centro Studi Mauro Giuliani - Bisceglie", with the aim of meeting  the needs of conservatory and music schools students who are willing to purchase a professional study guitar.

Instruments that are handmade by a talented professional craftsman are, without any doubt, highest aspiration for any musician. However, their high price can be a limiting factor for young students.

The market also offers cheaper instruments, used or semi-professional guitar making, but often problems or malfunctions can arise.

Also the purchase of a classic guitar in a generic shop of musical instruments is risky: not always the shop is specialized in classic guitars and often the merchant offers so many guitars of different types and models that it’s easy to get confused and to lose sight of the fundamental characteristics for a good guitar.

For these reasons, the luthier Mirko Migliorini, who builds classical guitars for twenty years, has sought between the various manufacturers some model that would satisfy the needs of students, finding in "Guitarreria Camps" what he sought.

Founded in 1949 by Juan Camps, “Guitarreria Camps"  is a small handicraft factory, now run by his two sons.

Mirko Migliorini has identified a model already in production and, after many modifications and tests, has developed an ideal study guitar for those who want to learn the study of classical guitar. The first models "Mauro Giuliani" were born, so named in honor of the famous musician and composer, in accordance with the "Centro Studi Mauro Giuliani" of Bisceglie and his grandson Nicola Giuliani.